Warranty, Assembly and Instructions for Use

Limited 1-Year Warranty and Instructions for Use


Thank you for purchasing from Red Baron Tools®. We are confident you will enjoy years of reliable service from our products and your safety is also important to us, so please follow the assembly and user's instructions listed below when using your new Red Baron Tools products.    



All steel Red Baron Tools tool organizers and rolling carts have a Limited 1-Year Warranty from the original purchase date, to the original buyer, against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. This Limited 1-Year Warranty does not apply to products that have been misused, abused, damaged by accident or otherwise, subjected to abnormal use, or modified by anyone other than Red Baron Tools. If needed, please contact Red Baron Tools by phone or email to describe the defect (https://www.redbarontools@gmail.com).   We will arrange for shipping or if possible try to remedy the issue over the phone.


During the applicable duration of the warranty, at its option, Red Baron Tools, will repair or replace its products which fail to give satisfactory performance due to defective workmanship or materials, or provide a refund by repaying or crediting with an amount equal to the purchase price of such products.


 Assembly Instructions:

  1. Start with the casters. I recommend placing the caster with the brakes at the front of the cart for easy access.  Place the threaded caster stud in the hole provided in the base unit.    Place the split washer and  hex nut and tighten the nut securely. 
  2. Carefully tap the plastic end caps into place using an opposite corner method. I recommend using a hard plastic or wide faced hammer.  Take your time on this and tap the edges evenly to ensure the cap seats completely.   Don’t hit your finger……
  3. Set the brakes and slide the straight 2”x16” piece over the short stub on the base unit. Align the hole(s) and install the 5/16” bolt and locking hex nut.  Secure the nut tight, but don’t over tighten.  
  4. Slide the upper section with the flat plate into the vertical straight piece and adjust to a height that is good for your needs. Secure in place with the 5/16” hex bolt and locking nut provided.
  5. Install all four of the metal washers on the top of the flat plate with the raised  edge tab facing up.  Using the supplied ¼” bolts and nuts, feed the bolts from the top through the washer and add the ¼” nut below the upper plate. Leave the nuts loose until the Red Baron (empty of tools) is placed on the flat plate. Align or adjust the Red Baron to ensure the raised edge of the washers are seated (resting) on the edge of the lazy susan bearing.  Tighten the nuts and re-inspect to ensure the washer did not rotate or move and remains resting against the lazy susan bearing; This is an important part of the assembly, so double check and adjust if necessary.
  6. All equipment vibrates during use. Occasionally check the tension on all of the bolts and nuts to ensure they are tight.
  7. Insert the upper tray into the upper plate tube toward the back of the cart. Align the hole in the upper tray tube with the nut on the side of the upper plate tube.  Thread the bolt into the nut and all the way through the upper tray tube.  Tighten snug but don’t over tighten. 


Instructions for use of Red Baron Tools products:

  1. When the tool organizer is mounted on the rolling cart, always use the product on clean, level and even surfaces. Keep away from slopes, work surface edges or uneven floor surfaces.  As with any rolling device, there is a risk of tipping.  Hold onto the product while moving it through your work area. 
  2. Always secure the tool organizer to the cart using the provided brackets and securing devices. Do not modify or relocate the securing devices on the cart.  
  3. Keep small children away from this product. This is not a toy.
  4. Always rotate slowly. Spinning too fast may force compartments and drawers to swing out, or the tools could fly off and cause injury or damage.
  5. Do not open a loaded drawer to full extension while the upper unit is empty of tools. This may cause the unit to tip and can damage the drawer or cause injury.
  6. Do not overload the swing out compartments (2.5 lbs max for each compartment).
  7. Apply brakes to casters on all carts or other carrying devices when not moving the units.
  8. When you lift or relocate the unit, remove all tools and empty the drawers and compartments.  Close the drawer and swing out compartments completely. Lift the unit with your hands covering the hinges. Face the drawer toward you and keep the unit level. 
  9. Keep the Lazy Susan bearing clean and free of dust or metal shavings. The bearing can be re-greased if necessary.